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Software für OS/2 und eCS
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VLC Media Player für OS/2 VLC Media Player für OS/2

VLC Media Player portiert für OS/2

Der VLC media player (anfänglich „VideoLAN Client“ genannt) ist eine portable, freie Mediaplayer-Software sowohl für diverse Audio-, Videocodecs und Dateiformate als auch DVDs, Video-CDs und unterstützt unterschiedliche Streaming-Protokolle und Schnittstellen für TV-Karten (z. B. DirectShow und BDA). Er kann auch als Server zum Streaming in Uni- oder Multicast, in IPv4- und IPv6-Netzen oder als Transcoder für die unterstützten Video- und Audio-Formate verwendet werden.


Installiertes YUM

Die notwendigen Bibliotheken können per Befehlszeile installiert werden:

yum install libc libcx libgcc1 libssp libstdc++6 libstdc++ libsupc++6 libsupc++ libgcc-fwd libqt4 libqt4-gui libqt4-webkit libqt4-sql-mysql libqt4-sql-psql

Version  2.2.8  System  OS/2-YUM 
Dateigröße  36.23 MB     
Sprache  Mehrsprachig  Erstelldatum  31.12.2017 12:33:06 
Versionsdatum  17.12.2017 01:00:00  Wartung  Zum Zeitpunkt aktiv 
Installertyp  Manuell  Pakettyp  ZIP 
Lizenz  GNU/GPL external  Paketersteller  Siehe Beschreibung 
Autor  KO Myung-Hun  MD5 Prüfsumme  5da872529945449717a38a1f625d769a 
Webseite  Webseite external  SHA1 Prüfsumme  546827976442001e4fb683a7f8a035311269210a 
Dateiname: vlc-2.2.8.zip
Dateigröße: 36.23 MB
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History specific to OS/2...

- vlc-2.2.8 (2017/12/17)
.Sync with VLC v2.2.8 sources
.Added libass plugin(using libass v0.13.7 and fribidi v0.19.7)
.Use rpm version of fontconfig instead of mzfntcfgft version
.faad: when playing audio,
`faad warning: PNS not allowed in DRM data stream' message is printed.
As well as, jerky sound is generated. Fixed. Reported by Heikki Kekki
( Use avcodec plugin instead of faad plugin )
.Packaging error(snapwrap.dll missed). Fixed. Reported by Heikki Kekki

- vlc-2.2.6 (2017/06/05)
.Sync with VLC v2.2.6 sources

- vlc-2.2.4 (2016/06/06)
.Sync with VLC v2.2.4 sources

- vlc-2.2.3 (2016/05/06)
.Sync with VLC v2.2.3 sources

- vlc-2.2.2 (2016/02/11)
.Sync with VLC v2.2.2 sources
.core : sometimes waiting for a conditional variable fails. Fixed
.httplive : CPU load peaks to 99.9% when playing youtube live stream. Fixed
(Conditional variable waiting failure was the cause)

- vlc-2.2.1 (2015/04/25)
.Sync with VLC v2.2.1 sources

- vlc-2.2.0-fix1 (2015/03/10)
.Fail to play DVD(dvdcss2.dll missed). Fixed.
Issue #9. Reported by DavidMcKenna

- vlc-2.2.0 (2015/02/28)
.Sync with VLC v2.2.2 sources
.Added gnutls plugin
.Support https
.skins2 : SIGFPE occurs. Fixed.
.lua : Search in a wrong directory. Fixed. Reported by Maurice GUERON

- vlc-2.1.5-r2 (2014/07/31)
.Packaging error(bin directory missed). Fixed. Reported by Harald Kamm

- vlc-2.1.5 (2014/07/30)
.Sync with VLC v2.1.5 sources

- vlc-2.1.3 (2014/02/15)
.Sync with VLC v2.1.3 sources

- vlc-2.1.1 ( 2013/12/07 )
.Sync with VLC v2.1.1 sources

- vlc-2.1.0 ( 2013/10/09 )
.Sync with VLC v2.1.0 sources

- vlc-2.0.7 ( 2013/06/16 )
.Sync with VLC v2.0.7 sources
.Added skins2 plugin

- vlc-2.0.6 ( 2013/04/14 )
.Sync with VLC v2.0.6 sources

- vlc-2.0.5 ( 2013/01/01 )
.Sync with VLC v2.0.5 sources
.core : support 'One instance' feature( Suggested by Jerry Rash )
.kva : support 'Always on top'

- vlc-2.0.4 ( 2012/10/20 )
.Sync with VLC v2.0.4 sources
.stream_out_rtp : DLL name is longer than 8 bytes. Fixed
.straem_out_raop : DLL name is longer than 8 bytes. Fixed
.kva : image is sometimes not displayed on vman mode. Fixed
( using libkva v1.2.1 )
.qt : focus is changed when timetooltip occurs. Fixed

- vlc-2.0.2 ( 2012/07/14 )
.Sync with VLC v2.0.2 sources
.core : 'Open directories...' does not work. Fixed
( reported by Andrew Elzenaar )
.kai : the crash occur if uniaud.dll is present even if Uniaud driver is
not loaded. Fixed( using libkai v1.1.2, Reported by Erick )

- vlc-2.0.1 ( 2012/03/30 )
.Sync with VLC v2.0.1 sources
.Added mkv plugin( using libebml, libmatroska )
.Added os2drive plugin
.kva : support vman
.kva : support BGR4( dive/vman )
.kva : auto-detect snap > wo > vman > dive
.qt4 : auto-detect CD/DVD drive
.Mozilla plugin removed

- vlc-1.1.13 ( 2011/12/24 )
.Sync with VLC v1.1.13 sources
.Make a name of a few plugins short
.Sometimes fail to identify AMD CPU ID. Fixed

- vlc-1.1.11 ( 2011/08/07 )
.Syn with VLC v1.1.11 sources

- vlc-1.1.9 ( 2011/05/14 )
.Sync with VLC v1.1.9 sources
.Added mux_ts plugin( using libdvbpsi )
.Added ts plugin( using libdvbpsi )
.Added access_realrtsp plugin( Support rtsp:// )
.Added live555 plugin( Support rtsp:// )
.Added a plugin for Mozilla( NOT RECOMMENDED )

- vlc-1.1.7 ( 2011/02/06 )
.Sync with VLC v1.1.7 sources
.kai: system hangs on when audio is played before video is initialized
with uniaud mode and snap mode pair
.kai: sounds are distorted on uniaud mode

- vlc-1.1.5 ( 2010/12/05 )
.Sync with VLC v1.1.5 sources
.core : NLS is not supported if VLC is installed on the other place than

- vlc-1.1.4 ( 2010/11/20 )
.Sync with VLC v1.1.4 sources
.Added cdda plugin
.Added vcd plugin
.Added freetype plugin
.Added lua plugin
.Added xml plugin
.kai : Support dart/uniaud mode selection
.kai : Support shareable/exclusive mode selection
.kva : Support embedded video mode 지원
.kva : Support snap/wo/dive mode selection
.kva : Support workaround for T23
.kva : Support Aspect Ratio, Crop
.kai : SIGFPE occurs when playing AAC audio. Fixed
.kva : Playing is not stopped even if closing a window on a stand-alone
window mode. Fixed
.dvdnav : Play does not work. Fixed
.Codepage should be specified into LANG env. var. Fixed
( Use a current codepage )

- vlc-1.0.5-beta1 ( 2010/05/30 )
.Added KVA vout module
.Files whose name is consisting of DBCS chars cannot be played. Fixed
.'\' does not work in DBCS env. Fixed
.--plugin-path is required. Fixed
.Audio is not played. Fixed
.DVD device is stored in wrong chars when specifying it. Fixed
.SYS3171 occurs in LIBC063, When playing DVD. Fixed
.SIGSEGV occurs when playing a music file using KAI aout driver. Fixed
.VLC hangs on when trying to play a non-existent file if using Qt4
interface. Fixed (Use Qt 4.6.2GA)

- vlc-1.0.5-tp2 ( 2010/04/11 )
.Support libavcodec, libavformat, libswscale, libpostproc, liba52
.Added KAI aout module
.Convert '/' to '\' of 'HOME' env. var.
.Assertion failed in input thread. Fixed
( call vlc_thread_join() before vlc_object_release() )

- vlc-1.0.5-tp1 ( 2010/03/14 )
.Technology Preview 1

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