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Software für OS/2 und eCS
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2GBFIX is a workaround for a problem that occurs in DOS and WIN-OS/2 sessions under OS/2 (and possibly other OSes that provide virtual DOS sessions) when you have disks or partitions that exceed 2 GB (2048 MB) in size. Many DOS and Windows programs that check free and/or total disk space cannot deal with disks over 2GB, partly because DOS itself cannot deal with partitions bigger than this and partly because calculation of bytes free is usually performed using 32-bit signed integer arithmetic, where the maximum positive value equates to approximately 2GB. The effects of this vary, but usually the affected program thinks that the volume or partition has insufficient disk space because the result of the calculation is either zero or negative.

2GBFIX works around this by patching the appropriate DOS calls so that they never return more than 2GB of total or free space, which prevents the program failing at the expense of the program not having a true idea of the actual amount of disk space. For most practical purposes this is not a problem.

Version  1.0  System  OS/2-WIN16 
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