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Software für OS/2 und eCS
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Phoenix OS/2 - Kernel - Bootloader Phoenix OS/2 - Kernel - Bootloader

OS/4 Phoenix Project
Binary patch for OS/2 104a_SMP kernel
Public beta

OS/4 Team, December 2008


The main goal of this Phoenix Project is to recreate alternative
OS/2 kernel. On the first stage binary compatible with the latest
WSeB kernel need to be produced based on information from DDK,
API documentation and other available information sources. Next
on the second stage the sources need to be analyzed and re-organized.
Part of very old and legacy code can be removed, well known bugs
may be fixed and we can finally start new enhancements and
improvements to adopt OS/2 kernel to current hardware needs and
modern computing tasks. It will be the third stage.

Also there is OS/2 boot loader OS2LDR that is also part of kernel.
And it was already completely rewritten and enhanced with new
features like ability to load different kernels with selection
on boot stage or passing additional parameters to the kernel.

To avoid inconveniences the new kernel is called OS/4.

The OS/4 kernel finally planned to be free distributed while
source code will be closed and shared only inside OS/4 team.

Version  SVN-5077  System  ab OS/2 4.5x 
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Please use the OS/4 kernel with its new loader OS2LDR only, otherwise the correct booting is not expected.
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