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Software für OS/2 und eCS
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ISOFS is an installable filesystem for OS/2 for seamless read only
access to the contents of ISO image files, as suitable for burning on
CD, or as extracted from CD.

This file system is based on the sources of AEFS a cryptographic file
system written by Eelco Dolstra. See Credits below for further

Version  1.1.0  System  OS/2 
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    Änderungsdatum  11.03.2019 19:41:59 
Versionsdatum  27.02.2017 01:00:00  Wartung  Siehe Beschreibung 
Installertyp  WarpIN  Pakettyp  WPI 
Lizenz  GNU/GPL external  Paketersteller  Siehe Beschreibung 
Autor  Paul Ratcliff  MD5 Prüfsumme  bd4c14358e992981b7e21047553eb958 
Webseite  Webseite external  SHA1 Prüfsumme  b7dd2986235cd6357374521ef9fc7045f4c79e4e 
Dateiname: isofs110.wpi
Dateigröße: 969.21 KB
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V1.1.0 27 Feb 2017
Added ISODrive, a GUI control panel for ISOFS. This replaces
the 'automap.cmd' found in previous versions.
Added a new feature that enables clients to receive
notification of ISOFS mount/unmount events via a named shared
event sempahore.
Fixed libc panic caused by attempts to free a memory
allocation twice.
Fixed failures when clients tried to read EAs for files that
have none (i.e. any file contained in the ISO).
Fixed crash during boot when no filesystem name is specified
in config.sys; 'ISOFS' is now the default value.
Fixed a bug that might cause applications to hang when
accessing an ISOFS drive if isofsdmn.exe had been started from
Refactored and reformatted code in files where bugs were
Updated Makefiles and eliminated standalone 'getopt' library
which is now part of libc.
Updates provided by Rich Walsh.

V1.0.4 27 Nov 2017
Interim version not released to the public.

V1.0.3 7 Jan 2007
Fixed access to raw drives (\\.\X:) in Mapiso.
Fixed bug which allowed reading beyond end of files.
Increased daemon file handle count to allow more ISO images to
be mapped simultaneously.
Added utility to attach and detach ISOs automatically.

V1.0.2 28 Jan 2006
Allow ISO images greater than 2GB to be read.

V1.0.1 23 Jul 2005
Mapiso now accepts relative pathnames rather than only fully
qualified ones.
Fixed major memory leak in the daemon.
Fixed errors in the documentation.

V1.0.0 18 Dec 2004
Major rewrite to clean up some of the code and add support for
High Sierra images and ISO-9660 images without Joliet.
ISOFS is now maintained by Paul Ratcliffe.

V0.2.1 02.10.2001
Added support for file and directory times which was still
Found the solution for the missing notebook pages. You have
to tell OS/2 that there's support for EAs even if that's not

V0.2.0 25.08.2001
Fixed mainly a memory leak and the still broken extended
attribute handling.
Some more bugs are fixed I forgot ;-).
Added more descriptive error messages to mntisofs so it's
easier to find out what's going wrong.
This seems to be the first really stable release.

V0.1.5 03.10.2000
Added missing filesystem driver to the archive.

V0.1.3 30.09.2000
Fixed broken extended attribute handling which caused the WPS
to crash.
Added support for volume label.

V0.1.1 20.08.2000
First release

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